12th Seoul Record Fair

Seoul Record Fair is a pioneering local event that brings record labels, musicians, and fans together. As the art director for the event, I was responsible for shaping its visual language and graphics over the past ten years.

The vinyl record market remains strong in the United States, with growing demand even as overall music sales decline. Inspired by this trend, three underground record labels in Korea joined forces to meaningful impact the domestic music market. The primary design challenge was attracting new audiences and satisfying loyal fans. The design needed to retain the nostalgic appeal of vinyl records while incorporating contemporary elements to engage younger listeners. I opted for a minimalist approach to create a cohesive visual identity that brought together multiple vendors. The use of a solid black color, reminiscent of vinyl records, served as the primary graphic motif. This choice not only conveyed the essence of the event but also helped reduce production costs by utilizing a single ink color for printing.
The twelve disks are spread out in three dimensions as a way to reflect on the past 12 years of the event and to imagine the future. Since the last 10th event, we have incorporated motion into our graphics, bringing a fresh and dynamic element to the design concept. This approach allows us to consistently use familiar motifs year after year while infusing each iteration with a unique twist.

The poster and design for the Seoul Record Fair received recognition and accolades in prestigious competitions. It was selected in the Graphic Design Biennale of Chaumont 2023: 30th International Posters Competition and the GDFS: International Poster Competition 2018. Additionally, it won the 2015 CORE77 Design Awards.

- Art direction and design: Jaemin Lee
- Motion design: Ajeong Kim
- Character design: TUKATA®
- Souvenir goods design: TUKATA®

Client: Seoul Record Fair Organizing Committee
- Year: November 2023

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