Shinsegae Shopping Grand Festival

SSG Day(Shinsegae Shopping Grand Festival) is a shopping event of Shinsegae Group, which aims to promote Korea’s version of Black Friday. Shinsegae Department Store and E-Mart, and all of its other affiliates in various sectors such as hospitality, food, and fashion, participated in this event. Based on the success of this event’s debut in 2019, it was expanded to a company-wide event with a long-term perspective, and so it was necessary to establish a design guide that could clearly reveal the identity of the event.
Studio fnt designed the logo, main graphic system, and major operating items for the SSG Day. We decided that as much as the identity of SSG Day should be centered on the image of Shinsegae Group, it also needed to delicately capture the characteristics of each affiliate that encompasses a wide range of products and services such as food, clothing, and hospitality. In addition, our design creates a positive atmosphere with high visual attention and visibility at various customer contact points both online and offline, to convey the image of a shopping festival and not merely a simple discount event.

The graphic device with the motif of a broad Spectrum and flexible Ribbon reminds us of the opening of a long-awaited event and also the opening of a gift. This Color Spectrum Ribbon was used as the main graphic of the event in various forms, such as a flower which is the symbol of Shinsegae Group, as well as the first letter ‘S’ as a symbol of Shinsegae Group. By varying its size and ratio, we were able to utilize it as a layout guide for the web/mobile pages’ designs.
Korean, English, and Chinese logotypes were developed in a way to allow the left and right expandability of the ribbon motif, and an contactless version of the Korean logo was also designed.
SSG Day event in 2020 was held on October 31st, and we designed store posters, online landing pages, major promotion banners, store POPs, stickers and more. In addition, based on the company-wide style guide, we supervised the various items produced by each affiliate. This new identity design received a positive evaluation that it successfully reflected the intention and direction of Shinsegae Group, and the SSG Day event ended fruitfully, with sales of over 600 billion won.

- Creative director: Heesun Kim
- Art director: Jaemin Lee
- Design lead: Hyungwon Cho
- Design: Solah Koh, Youjeong Lee
- Design assistant: Kyuyoung Shim
- Client/design operation: Shinsegae Group
- Year: October 2020

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