Edward Hopper 
From City to Coast

Edward Hopper, a prominent American modern artist of the 20th century, captured the essence of everyday life and the emotions of people living through significant events such as World Wars I and II, the Great Depression, and the rapid changes brought by industrialization and urbanization. From City to Coast marks the first solo exhibition of Edward Hopper in Korea, organized by the Seoul Museum of Art in collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art.
The exhibition showcases Hopper’s well-known urban works and includes drawings, watercolors, prints, and oil paintings spanning his entire career, starting from his early days. Despite his inclination to explore new environments beyond New York, Hopper had only a few places he repeatedly returned to. The exhibition traces the artist’s travels to Paris, New York, and various New England and Cape Cod locations. The exhibition’s title, From City to Coast, captures this intention.
Studio fnt took on the task of shaping the exhibition’s visual identity. To bring the concept of the exhibition to life, which reflects on the artist’s endeavors in broadening his artistic horizons through the dual themes of “contemporary urban life” and “reconnecting with nature,” we crafted two distinct sets of shapes symbolizing the city (New York) and nature (New England and Cape Cod). These shapes were meticulously integrated into the exhibition’s design, serving as integral elements that define its unique identity.

Photo: Sujeong Park and Jaemin Lee courtesy of studio fnt

- Art direction: Jaemin Lee
- Graphic design: Jaemin Lee and Dasom Jeong
- Editorial design: Dasom Jeong
- Client: Seoul Museum of Art and HAJI Inc.
- Year: April 2023

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