Flower Garden
Galaxy Watch Face

Flower Garden started with the question, “What kind of watch face do people want to face?” Although various functions have been added to smartwatches, the basic function of the watch is still being able to tell ‘time.’ We wanted the face of the watch to also express the current season, a brief moment when the world meets the ‘present,’ as well as ‘time.’ Plants naturally came to mind as a device that captures the flow and cycle of the different seasons. As a result, Flower Garden was born, a small garden on the wrist. It was also interesting and ironic that in the Korean language, the words that describe the form factor of the Galaxy Watch, ‘circle’, and ‘garden’ of plants, are synonymous.
Flower Garden, which has four different appearances for each respective season, is composed of imaginary flowers and plants. These imaginary flowers were created through the process of visualizing the atmosphere, temperature, and color of each season. Although these gardens live on a small screen, they are richly expressed by stacking layers of floral elements on top of each other so that it creates a sense of the depth of a spacious garden. We imagined users setting up the watch face to a garden that resembles the beginning of the current season or choosing to select and apply a watch face of the next season in anticipation of what is to come.

The leaves, stems, and flowers in Flower Garden rotate every second. Like a classic clockwork, each element moves in elaborate interlocking motion while maintaining the details that reflect the characteristics of the four seasons. We wanted to capture a soft and refreshing atmosphere of the spring, a cool and powerful summer, a ripe and serene fall, and cold but romantic winter.
Movements of various insects also add life to each season. In our initial proposal, the insects served as the second hand, but through collaboration with the design team at Samsung Electronics, it was eventually developed into an element showing three different modes. Normal Mode was created by imagining the most natural movement of insects. In Notification Mode, the insects move briskly, as if they have found something interesting. When the watch is in Low-Battery Mode, the insects stay at the bottom of the screen and express their state of taking a rest. It was interesting to work with the watch face as an aesthetically pleasing device, but also as an intuitive UX.
Among the numerous design projects we have ever worked on to date, this project to create work for the Galaxy Watch was a project with the smallest canvas area. However, with the heart of caring for a small garden, it contains the densest affection in terms of the density of the work. We hope that the daily lives of those who use the Flower Garden watch face will be cherished every moment.

Photo: Sujeong Park, courtesy of studio fnt

- Creative direction: Heesun Kim
- Art direction: Jaemin Lee
- Design: Hyungwon Cho, Hwajin Shin, Ajeong Kim, Jaemin Lee
- Motion design: Ajeong Kim
- Client: Samsung Electronics
- Year: August 2022

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