Fluid Numbers
Galaxy Watch Face

The design of the Fluid Numbers watch face on the Galaxy Watch 6 adheres to the most recognizable and intuitive structure of an electronic watch, with hours and minutes displayed atop the quadrants. This design pays homage to the Galaxy Watch’s status as a pioneer in progressive electronic timepieces.
The convex, distorted numbers elegantly fill the circular screen, showcasing the advantages of the Galaxy Watch 6’s slimmer bezels and larger display. Samsung Electronics developed interaction techniques that were implemented to create dynamic motion during time changes or touch interactions.
We meticulously crafted each number’s shape with delicate serif details, smooth curves, bold stroke contrasts, and a sturdy presence. Shape variations were introduced based on their position within the quadrants. Additionally, a range of color combinations was provided to complement various watch strap styles, allowing users to customize their experience.

Photo: Sujeong Park, courtesy of studio fnt

- Creative direction: Heesun Kim
- Art direction: Jaemin Lee
- Design: Whajin Shin, Jaemin Lee, Hyungwon Cho, Younghyun Song, Jiho Choi, and Jieun Kang
- Interaction design: Samsung Electronics
- Client: Samsung Electronics
- Year: July 2023

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