Kakaopay Insurance Onboarding Kit

Kakao Pay Insurance is a user-centered insurance service emphasizing autonomy and an innovative, easy sign-up process compared to traditional insurance products. Studio fnt was responsible for developing the brand’s visual essence and identity for Kakao Pay Insurance, as well as designing and producing the onboarding kit and calendar kit for the new brand.
The onboarding kit is a tool to help employees easily understand and practice the organizational culture that the group aims for. To effectively communicate the message, we used color. Along with Kakao’s signature yellow, we assigned a color to each of the five principles of our culture to present them in a confident and cheerful manner:

  • Good for Everyone (Mint Green)
  • Boost Our Growth (Orange)
  • Open Communication (Chocolate)
  • Take Full Ownership (Violet)
  • One Team Together (Blue)
To convey the brand essence of Kakao Pay’s non-life insurance, ‘Empowerment,’ we designed most items so that users can customize them themselves. To proactively respond to changes in the work environment, the packaging box is designed to be portable and include the necessary items. It can be unfolded to create a work environment anywhere, anytime. The packaging is made entirely of paper, avoiding the use of vinyl and plastic. Sustainable production methods were pursued by using FSC® certified chlorine-free bleached pulp, a fully biodegradable and recyclable material.

Photo: Sujeong Park, courtesy of studio fnt

- Creative direction: Heesun Kim
- Art direction: Woogyung Geel
- Design: Younghyun Song, Youjeong Lee
- Client: Kakaopay Insurance
- Year: June 2023

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