Korean Furniture,
Sensuality of Lines

This is a visual series for the exhibition ‘Korean Furniture, Sensuality of Lines’ at The National Folk Museum of Korea. The promotional materials includes posters, banners, invitation cards, and exhibition graphics.There is a tendency for 'folk art' and 'folk culture' to come across as rather old and dull to domestic spectators. By integrating contemporaneous esthetics to the promotional materials, we aim to induce the view and interest of domestic spectators regarding 'exhibits held in folk museum'. The National Folk Museum is also a must-visit place in Korea for foreigners to have cultural experiences.
In order to provide an easy communication for them, the promotional should translate the exhibit theme just by the visual traits without having to read the exhibition title. This exhibit is mostly based on the collection of undisclosed wooden furniture. By displaying the patch work with similar layout and forms, the exhibition aims to newly interpret the esthetics of traditional wooden furniture. Therefore, the 'form of wooden furniture' should be perceived as closely and in details, and the 'theme of wooden furniture' should be viewed in a general perspective and also in multilateral ways.

It is difficult to identify all the wonders of the Korean traditional wooden furniture just by a quick impression. The neat and elaborate traits from the tips of the master craftsman's hand represent the image of an innocent and modest scholar. Additionally, in the functional aspect, it was made through creative abilities in which only the least materials were applied.
Accordingly, the structural sense of beauty was to be portrayed instead of only expressing the beauty felt by the appearance of the furniture. Moreover, instead of applying the method of boasting about outstanding characteristics, the approach was to be taken in a serene (yet elaborate) impression.

- Design: Jaemin Lee and Hwayoung Lee
- Client: The National Folk Museum of Korea
- Year: May 2012

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