New Romance

New Romance is an exhibition that uncovers the relationships between human and non-human beings explored in art pieces, co-hosted by MMCA(National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea) and MCA(Museum of Contemporary Art Australia).
The two curators in Australia and Korea came up with the name of the exhibition New Romance in the process of discussing about, and translating Neuromancer into Korean.
Neuromancer is a typical Cyberpunk novel by William Gibson with a genre known as the combination of the romantic impulse of science and technology. Such lost in translation incident was a lucky accident perfect to express the romantic trends of new media art.
In order to reflect upon the theme of interaction between human and non-human beings in a visual, two halves of different faces make up a whole one. The same method was applied to illustrate the title.

- Art direction: Jaemin Lee
- Design: Jaemin Lee and Hyungwon Cho
- Editorial design: Gunjung Lee
- Client: MMCA (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art)
- Year: September 2015

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