Seoul Animal Film Festival 2023

The KARA Animal Film Festival, which focuses on the relationship between humans and animals, was renamed the Seoul Animal Film Festival. It hopes to reflect its willingness and goal to expand its scale and establish itself as a regional-oriented festival that invites wider citizen participation. I designed the 5th Seoul Animal Film Festival poster with illustrator Yeji Yun.
There are narwhals, polar bears, walruses, caribou, and penguins. These glacier-dwelling animals huddle together, standing on tiptoes, on the last piece of ice on Earth. A large sun shines nonchalantly, half-sinking in the rising water. Is it sinking beneath the sea or ascending above the horizon? Are the animals on the verge of facing the darkness of night, or are they about to embrace a new morning?
Many argue that we’ve gone too far and it's too late to reverse the damage to our planet, but there's nothing more hopeless than inaction. Like arctic cottongrasses poking its head above the frozen ground, it's time to transform despair into hope.

Photo: Jaemin Lee and Sujeong Park, courtesy of studio fnt

- Art direction and design: Jaemin Lee
- Illustration: Yeji Yun
- Trailer design: Delpic design studio 
- Client: KARA
- Year: September 2023

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